High Risk Auto Loans

Get the Force Behind Your Youngsters’ Schoolwork

Like many people with a young family, we struggled financially for years. Just recently have we been financially able to finance our own car. Like many Americans we fight over the budget each month. It gets tiresome to start by automatically deducting your car loan payment and your rent first – even before considering things […]

10 Highest-Risk Cars, aka The “Black Cats”

If you are one who avoids black cats, runs from ladders and never fails to knock on wood, this is a posting you cannot afford to miss, for it lists America’s unluckiest, highest-risk cars of all. The makers of the list, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), checked out personal injury protection claims for […]

BMW X5 Caught Stealing Entire Apple Store

Leave it to those sneaky BMWers; they have struck again. This time a BMW X5 smashed into the front of an Apple store in Los Angeles at around 5 a.m., to allow its four human accomplices an opening through which they were able to loot up just about everything they could could get their hands […]

115 Years Ago this September 10 First Drunk Driver Arrested

Johnny Barleycorn claimed his first auto award 115 years ago this September 10 when George Smith, likely name, was arrested for drunk driving after he had allegedly crashed his electric-powered taxi can into a London building in 1897. The crash and subsequent arrest earned the sloshed Smith the honor of being the first person ever […]

America’s Hottest Rides…For Thieves

Though Japanese cars from the 1990s continue to be hot, hot, hot, car thieves are now targeting late model vehicles at an increasing rate according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Talking about this evolving trend, Joe Wehrle, NICB president and CEO, said, “We are seeing a trend toward increases in the thefts of late […]

Will.I.Am’s Stolen Custom DeLorean Recovered

Will.I.Am of the children’s music group the Black Eyed Peas has be reunited with his custom-made DeLorean. Our national nightmare has ended. Once again, we can laugh. Somehow, the car that was stolen for a short time is a part of Will.I.Am’s attempt to convert his alleged skills with the microphone into becoming an auto-making […]

Frugal To A Fault: A Quality vs. Quantity Debate

The economy is still recovering slowly, as if writing that down makes it news to most of you. Since cash is at a premium for many of us and putting items on a credit card is becoming less and less justifiable, frugality is much more than a catchword or something that we will do tomorrow. […]

Luxury Vehicles That Are Stolen The Most Often

There are plenty of luxury cars available on the American market. Some are more desirable than others, so they are stolen more often. The FBI is kind enough to track that information for us, so here is a recent list of the most stolen luxury vehicles. Audi S8 BMW M5 Chrysler 300…makes you wonder why […]

Car Care Tips For An Aging Vehicle

Are you in a spot where you have to help your car last well past a hundred thousand miles? You are not alone. As the economy continues to stump along, the average age of American family cars has increased to eleven years compared to just nine years before the 2008 meltdown. More people are financing […]

New Car Accident Avoidance Tech Making Roads Safe

New automotive accident avoidance safe street systems (AAASSS) are showing great promise in keeping cars from colliding with those things that they should not be hitting. A study done by the Highway Data Loss Institute (HDLI) found that car avoidance technology can greatly reduce the chance of collision when cars and trucks are fitted with […]